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Amy Simpson Photo Website | Web Design and Branding by Hirschi Creative

Amy Simpson is such a talented photographer and it was so fun to see all her work throughout the process! She specializes in weddings, family, and senior sessions. Her photo website was a Template Styling Design by Hirschi Creative, we used our beautiful Monica Template.

Photo Website amy simpson photography

Amy Simpson Photography Branding

Color Palette

Amy’s color palette includes slightly muted but still bright colors that one would find in a spring wedding bouquet. Welcoming all the joyfulness one expects from both wedding and family photos. The muted sage green adds an earthy tone to the palette, and the cloud grey grounds the design and gives an overall feeling of quality. Much like the highlights of a bright and airy photograph.

Branding Concept

This logo is clean, light, and inviting. We can add marks and symbols/illustrations that evoke a sense of joy and brightness, reflecting the style of the photography.

The expanded typography of this logo gives almost an extra dose of elegance to the brand, attracting higher-end clients while still seeming approachable and inviting.

A bride who chooses a brand with a logo like this is one who knows what she wants and expects the brand to be as inviting as it is professional, giving her the experience of a lifetime. She wants high end quality with hometown hero vibes, she wants to feel welcome and taken care of, and also like she’s the queen.

Photo Website brand logo
Photo Website brand moodboard

Secondary Logo

This secondary logo is stacked and condensed. Can be used as a stamp, in uses where the primary logo is too wide or needs to be condensed.

This can also be used in social media profiles if the logo mark can’t or isn’t chosen to be used.

Photo Website brand secondary logo

Logo Mark

This logo mark can be used to represent the brand when the full logo can’t or doesn’t wish to be used. Examples: social media profiles, stickers or stamps for packaging, documents, social media posts, as a mark on Pinterest pins, etc.

Photo Website brand logo mark

Graphic Elements

Subtle and not so subtle elements of nature reflect the Arizona landscape in a sophisticated, feminine, and understated way.

These graphic elements can create patterns, elements of color in a website, or branding use. They can also be used individually to help define the brand.

Photo Website brand elements


These typefaces are timeless, elegant, streamlined, clean, and professional. They are the ones presented here in the main logos as display typefaces. They are not meant to be placed in or used as a print or web font in a body section, and a body text to represent full paragraphs of text.

Photo Website typography

Photo Website

Amy is so passionate about capturing the best of her clients and she is amazing with kids and helps make photoshoots fun and natural. Her brand exudes joy, from the color palette we’ve created to the happy images she’s best known for.

Visit Amy’s website here! It was such a pleasure working with such a talented photographer!

As usual, I used the ProPhoto theme for this WordPress Website. I love how versatile the ProPhoto theme is!

Photo Website homepage
Photo Website about page
Photo Website contact page
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Photo Website reviews page
Photo Website portfolio page
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Photo Website
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