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Lone Peak Pups | Dog Breeder Website Design by Hirschi Creative

This brand and semi-custom website for Lone Peak Pups is one of my favorite projects! Jackie is an amazing and ETHICAL breeder and needed a new website and brand to match her business. And every dog breeder needs a great website.

Dog Breeder Brand


Jackie’s color palette incorporates earthy, muted tones to reflect the mountain her business is named after and dogs that she loves so dearly. These colors invoke feelings of growth, dependability, happiness, and security. As Jackie helps both families find their new addition, and breeders add to their program, it was important we nailed the colors to help build some brand trust.

Dog Breeder brand colors

The main Logo features a sleek and modern sans-serif type. The text is spaced apart to help give this a clean and classic vibe. This format easily translates to optional stacked and circled versions of the logo with a monogram of LP. The stacked version is especially nice because all these words have 4 letters in and it makes a perfect square to emulate the squared-off corners of the font design.

Dog Breeder logo

We knew she needed some variations to her logos to use on photos as watermarks, and on social media posts as well. The secondary logos are stacked and condensed. This can be used as a stamp. Or in uses where the primary logo is too wide or needs to be condensed to save space. It can also be used in social media profiles if the logo mark(s) can’t or isn’t chosen to be used.

Dog Breeder logo and brand

Dog Breeder Website

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