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This is it. This is our motto here at Hirschi Creative. Employ and Empower! It just came to me, honestly. I had the thoughts in my head, then these to similar, and powerful words filled my brain and I felt like I was hit by lightning. This was how I could FINALLY explain the desires of my heart.

Side note: What’s a motto? Nothin! What’s the motto with you? Haha anybody else thinks of Timon and Pumba when they see the word, “motto” as I do??

Employ and Empower

Hey, I’m Amy Hirschi. If we haven’t met, sorry! I’d love to change that. A bit about me and how this started! I find most of my passion through employing stay at home moms, and empowering business owners. It’s really that simple and has boiled down to three words for me. You guessed them! “EMPLOY AND EMPOWER.” I love finding businesses the perfect employee match when they need skilled, part-time work done. I believe that we are making a difference in the lives and homes of many entrepreneurs and moms who want to stay current with working while raising their babies. And I believe that we’re helping families and businesses on both sides of the aisle. Whether we’re helping the team at Hirschi Creative, or the moms running the businesses we’re helping. We’re empowering each other and have found great respect for each other in doing so.


I knew for a long time that I wanted to stay at home when I started to have babies. But then I started working and realized that I wanted that too. I loved my family and time off. But I LOVED being my own boss and the work I was doing. I planned and worked like crazy so that I could create a job for myself that I knew I’d be able to do both. And after I had my baby, I was able to do just that! I started doing marketing work part-time for a few different companies. I was wearing a lot of hats, but I was used to that! These businesses either didn’t need a full-time worker or couldn’t afford it but still needed my help.

At the same time, a few of my friends were becoming stay-at-home moms. These women loved mom life, but wanted something for themselves and wanted to help provide. That’s when I realized that people expect moms to work like they don’t have kids, and expect women to raise kids like they don’t work. It’s so unfair! I was very much the minority when it came to those I knew that could continue to use my skills after I became a mother, but at a slower rate than I was at before. But so many moms need to work to help support their families and want to be home with their kids too.


I’ve spent the better part of a decade running my own businesses, working with business owners, and studying how businesses are built and maintained. Through all of that, the things that worry entrepreneurs the most are time and money. (read my full story here)

Not having enough of either can slow progress down, or bring it to a halt altogether. One of the first solutions to these two problems is to bring someone onto your team to help take on some of the load. You need time to work ON your business, instead of the hours you’re spending working IN your business.

That’s where we come in. Partnering with Hirschi Creative, we find you the BEST employee(s) that can work on the exact things you need help with, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. We empower you to grow your business because each of our team members has a specialty, and takes a limited amount of clients. 

Our services range from social media management, website design, influencer outreach, to video editing. We empower our clients and they understand that we’re working hard during naptime. And most of the time, they are too!

That’s how my dream was born. It felt like this calling that I could fulfill. I knew plenty of skilled mothers who just wanted some part-time work! Both to stay current on their resumes, and to help provide for their family during nap time. And I knew plenty of small businesses that needed to find the perfect match to help move their companies forward. Together, we employ & empower each other to grow and lead.

Employ and Empower with Hirschi Creative

This is my wonderful team, of talented, stay at home moms. Each of these women works between 3-10 hours a week empowering small business owners doing tasks like blogging, client interaction, and more. Each of these women has taken the motto, Employ and Empower to heart. They come from different backgrounds and needs. But they’re here to work hard for you!

In the future, I hope to grow this amazing team. I hope to teach others who want to start businesses or work part-time from home. I believe there is enough for everyone! Every business needs help. And I hope that Employ and Empower becomes a common theme in the minds of small businesses everywhere. That if these businesses can employ some people, they’ll, in turn, be empowered to grow or take some things off of their own plate.

Read more about each of us on our team page. The photo was taken at Light Loft Studio.

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