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Working with Ideal Clients

When you start a business, you’re just glad to work with anyone at first. NOTHING is like the excitement of making your first sale, or getting that first client! And that’s the way it should be! But as you continue to grow, you’ll want to start attracting the right clients. Your ideal clients!

Why you want to work with ideal clients

You’ll love your job

There really are plenty of reasons you want to be attracting these people to your business. Firstly, you’ll love your work more! Don’t you want to go to work and just absolutely love what you’re doing that day? You’ll get to work on projects that really keep your attention and you want to work on.

It makes marketing easier

Picture this: you, marketing to just one person. You’d learn how to talk to that one person. How to serve that one person. Then learn how to sell to that one person. If all of your ideal clients are roughly the same person, your marketing just got a whole lot easier!

Work styles

They’ll like your work style, and you’ll like theirs as well. Working with them will feel like a freakin breeze. You’ll feel like you just really get them and what they need!


Once you start working with these clients, that will attract more of the same work! The new clients will see your amazing work, and also want to work with you! This is great for your portfolio and your biz! Win-win!

Get your FREE guide to help you understand your ideal clients!

This is the guide we use to help our clients narrow down who they’re speaking to in their own marketing. Abbey Kyhl has a great module on ideal clients in her course, The Blueprint if you want to try it out!

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