Megan Osburn Photo | Brand + Logo Design

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Megan is crazy talented! She’s so authentic and her brand was able to match her so well!

Seriously when she asked me to be part of her branding process I was so thrilled because her work is incredible. She’s so humble and fun to be around too! Megan is more than a driven photographer though, she’s a wife and mother! She has this incredible way of capturing life how it’s happening and the realness of it. I’m inspired by her work every day and I think anyone who is lucky enough to work with her would tell you the same thing.

Megan wanted something simple and bold, she didn’t want the run of the mill branding, and I think we hit the nail on the head with how it all turned out!

The Brand

Her favorite place is the mountains.. and living in Northern Utah she takes full use of her own backyard! So we drew a lot of inspiration from nature, the colors, and vibes!

Business Cards

Megan wanted everything to be as minimal as possible. I love the way it all turned out!

meg business card_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_utah_branding_graphic_designer_megan_osburn_photo

Thank you cards

meg thank you_Waverley_Design_Co_Web_Design_Branding_Brand_Graphic_Design_Website_design_utah_branding_graphic_designer_megan_osburn_photo

Pricing Guides

Here’s a few pages of her pricing guide! I’m obsessed with it. Her branding is bold and it lets her images speak for themselves.

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