SEO tip: The do’s and don’ts of links on your website

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Regarding links on your website, it’s good to know a few things! Internal links are links that go from your website to another page. External links go off of your website, and backlinks are other websites that link back to your site.

Each type of link is important and serves different functions.

You can head to https://ahrefs.com/backlink-checker to check other websites to see where is linking back to your website! I find this tool really helpful.

Links on your website can be for blog posts like this one, or on pages. Some links on your website should stay in the same page, while others should open a new tab. The risk with not doing this correctly is directing people off of your website when you don’t want or need them to leave. The good rule of thumb if you should do a link on or off a new tab, is if it’s staying on your website, or going to a new one. If your link takes users off of your website, make sure it opens in a new tab or window. If it’s just linking to another page on your website, you can keep them on the same page.


  • Link another page on your website
  • An outside website
  • Link those who helped (vendors, clients)
  • Ask others to link your website
  • Guest post for blogs and other businesses
  • Always open external links in a new tab


  • Link another page with competing keywords
  • Cheat the system
  • Link for no reason
  • Make it hard to find content to get “more clicks”
  • Link something unrelated or that you’ve been asked to leave out

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do's and don'ts of links on your website
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