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Author Website by Hirschi Creative

Amy Webb is an amazing author, disability advocate, and artist. Her blog is called This Little Miggy Stayed Home. Check it out here! We were so happy to work on her new author website and blog. She’s been blogging for years, way back to when blogger was the big deal. One of her complaints about her old website was that none of her blog posts were categorized. By teaching her how to do that, and helping her narrow down her categories, she’s starting to feel more confident in keeping it updated.

Another issue we run into a lot with bloggers that have done this for years is that they don’t have homepages on their websites! This is a huge issue, especially once you start selling something! You need to direct your audience where to go, so even though your blog posts are still the most important thing, you can see here how adding a homepage gives some direction.


Her website was a Template Styling Design by Hirschi Creative, we used our Liz Template! We love how versatile these templates are, by changing just the colors, fonts, images, you would never know it’s not a custom website!

Author Website This Little Miggy
Author Website This Little Miggy
Author Website This Little Miggy

Back in 2019 I had a meeting with Amy, it went well but we were maybe not the best fit at the time. I knew she was really frustrated with how her WordPress was set up, and that she didn’t feel like she could update her website easily. She loves to write and what she does, but the tech side of things seems to really exhaust her thinking.

Fast forward to 2021, we got in contact again and I was so excited that it was the right time to finally start on her website! And I love how it turned out!!

I used the ProPhoto theme for this WordPress Website. I love how versatile the ProPhoto theme is!

See more of our templates with the Liz template here.

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