Hey there,

I'm Amy Hirschi

And, yes, it is pronounced like the chocolate. I believe websites can be fun and functional, your website is your most powerful marketing tool, and starting your dream biz is at the tip of your fingers.

I'm a website designer and love everything entrepreneurship. And I'm here to un-complicate the tech side of your business.


I see so many entrepreneurs getting bogged down NOT focusing on their zone of genius. They waste precious time worrying about problems, that aren't necessary for them to be fixing personally.


That's where Hirschi Creative thrives. We love taking tasks that aren't yours to be doing, and running them efficiently, and effectively through web design and technical solutions.

I've worked on creative teams and in the marketing field for over six years, and have been an entrepreneur since I was 15. So trust me, I KNOW what you go through on a daily basis while running your business. I know the highs and lows. The happy dances and sad faces.


I'm just here to make the happier times better, and the harder times less frequent.


My little family and I live in Northern Utah and love Harry Potter, golfing, backyard s'more's, and watching TV comedies.

here's what we do:


Website Templates

Choose from our unique WordPress templates and customize it yourself with accompanying videos to show you how it's done. Get your website launched fast!



We help you get what your business needs with our VIP intensive - honing in on our years of experience so you can go from frustrated to finished, in just one day!



We specialize in branding and web design, and can't wait to start our journey together!

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