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I have the

I'm not techy. And rebranding a website is HARD. If I would have been doing this myself, I would have spent so many more hours working and stressing about every little detail. I would have run into problems that I didn't know how to solve and probably would have given up on certain aspects of my site.

I love talking things through and bouncing ideas together. The video calls were especially great because I can actually talk about things I'm interested in and get real time feed back that helps to point me more in the direction that I wanted to go. Things are easier in person than via email because sometimes I get too excited and leave words or ideas out of my sentences. Haha.
Absolutely would I recommend you! You are so fantastic to work with and can talk me down from my "crazy" when things get overwhelming or when a wrench is thrown into the mix. Your insight and research were incredibly valuable to me.

I have the MOST BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE EVER! I am completely obsessed with how beautifully it all came together and how it really does achieve the look/idea that I wanted going into this. My new brand is exactly the way I want to be seen. And it still feels like me. :)

I love, love, LOVE you! Thank you so much for everything. And I know that I will absolutely come back to you when I need a refresh in a couple of years.

- Whitney Hunt Photography
My site presents me in a great, professional way

I really wanted my website to reflect my personality more as well as my caliber of work and my current website was sorely lacking.

You were personable and hands on. We got along great and the work got accomplished so well. Plus you pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I really like that. I love change, and sometimes don't see the things that need changing!

You are a Rockstar and are incredible at what you do! I feel like my site reflects the work I do and presents me in a great, professional way.

I need to clone you and have you organize my whole life and run everything for me!!

- Allison Campbell Design
I have a website that will help my business grow!

[Before working together] I spent way too much time with my website trying to get it right and could not figure out the best way to Blog, Pinterest, Etc. Etc.!!! I was stuck with WIX- it didn't allow me the tools I needed or wanted.

I loved using the Asana software towards the end- it made the process so transparent and I loved seeing the progress.

You know your stuff! Very knowledgeable with all things Wordpress and I feel like being added to your Facebook group now I have even more information that will help my business grow.

The videos were so helpful and I have them to work with forever which is great. I have a website that will help my business grow and I can continue to build on and add products too.

- Jackie Cederholm Photo
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