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Luxury Wedding Photography Website by Hirschi Creative

Whitney Hunt’s new Luxury Wedding Photography website is here! This site is so elegant and timeless, just like her work. It really puts the focus on her images, where it should be. I’m so grateful I was able to design and build this brand for Whitney!

Brand and Semi-Custom Website Design by Hirschi Creative

I can’t even remember when I first met Whitney Hunt! But years ago we worked on the same team with Abbey Kyhl, me as a designer, and she as a second photographer. She was always so easy to talk to and we got along so well! I’ve even second shot for her back when I was a wedding photographer! We go waaaay back and I love her so much.

She is SO amazing at what she does. Whitney has been a professional photographer for seven years now and her brand and website really showcases her work so much better. She’s an incredible luxury wedding photographer based in Utah.

One thing about Whitney is that she is so much fun. Her clients know and love her for that, as does everyone that knows her! But she’s also constantly improving. Her work is so timeless and luxurious I just wish I knew her back when I was getting married! Look at her work! It’s amazing. She’s so particular about her editing and the way she shoots, she ends up becoming her client’s life-long photographer.

As usual, I used the ProPhoto theme for this WordPress Website. I love how versatile the ProPhoto theme is. We also designed her brand and are obsessed with how that turned out, too.

Visit Whitney Hunt’s website here! I’m so excited to see how this up-levels her brand and her client’s experience. I truly believe that your brand and website need to just complement your work, and let it shine through better!

Custom Website Design by Hirschi Creative

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