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Natalie Felt Photography | Website Design by Hirschi Creative

Natalie Felt is such a talented photographer and it was so fun to see all her work throughout the process! She specializes in weddings, family, and commercial sessions. Her photo website was a Template Styling Design by Hirschi Creative, we used our beautiful Leslie Template!

She’s been a photographer for almost 10 years, and she had always done her own website! We were so excited to take this off of her plate for the first time in her career.

Website pages

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blog web design utah photographer
portfolio page design utah photographer website
family portfolio design utah photographer website designer
investment page web design utah photography website designer
about page design utah photographer website designer
contact page design utah photographer web designer
art board utah photographer website design

She is known for her beautiful work and true-to-color editing style. Her clients love her so much and continue to hire her year after year. She’s been on Studio 5 KSL plenty of times, and I love how we showcased her segments on her about page. She absolutely loves what she does. On top of running her awesome business, she’s been homeschooling this year and still found time to invest in her business and improve her client’s experience.

Visit Natalie’s website here! I’m so happy with how his amazing photography website design turned out. The colors and photos all complement each other so well, and I just can’t stop thinking about how beautiful it is! One thing I love about our templates is just how versatile they are! Her work is so gorgeous, and when we took the colors to a more neutral palette away from our Leslie Template and inserted her images, it made her website look so clean and professional.

As usual, I used the ProPhoto theme for this WordPress Website. I love how versatile the ProPhoto theme is! She did her own logo.

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