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When I was first starting my entrepreneurial journey back in 2014, I knew I needed a website. But I honestly had more hours than I had dollars too. I was referred to ProPhoto from a mentor of mine. I spent probably over 100 hours learning how to design with their theme and I had bought a custom template too! I had very little experience but I was determined to get my website up and going.

Fast forward a few years, their theme has become so much more intuitive, and I’ve become a much better designer. I love using it for all of mine and my client’s WordPress websites. I’ve gotten MUCH quicker but I still trust them to deliver an amazing product.

As a long-time user and designer, you can imagine how I was so thrilled when ProPhoto asked me for an interview as one of their featured designers. I’ve loved designing with the ProPhoto theme on WordPress for years now!

Head on over to their blog to read the full interview we had! And contact me today to get your website up and going!

Here are some of my favorite websites I’ve designed using ProPhoto! One of MY favorite things about ProPhoto is that most of my clients aren’t actually photographers! I use this theme for all of my WordPress designs!

Auto Intune – Custom Website
Valory Jean Photography – Theme customization
Meg Osburn Photo – Custom Website
Love Blooms Floral – Website Customization
Lexicon and Line – Custome Website
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