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Sugar Spice Nice

Shopify Website by Hirschi Creative

The Shopify website for Sugar Spice Nice is live! This is the perfect way to send your loved ones a box of gourmet treats with a personalized note in an easy way!

Who wouldn’t want to get these yummy boxes of macaroons delivered right to them with a personalized note?? It’s so cute and baked by a classically trained chef. We were so excited to be part of this amazing business getting a website!

Template Styling Shopify Website Design by Hirschi Creative

Audrey and I met through Fika, she’s a loyal customer and I did their website last year, I was so thrilled to get a call from her to see if we could work together. It’s the biggest compliment to be referred by past customers!

She is SO amazing at what she does. Audrey is a classically trained chef, and always found the baking and pastry part an easy part of her repertoire, since her mom, and both of her grandmothers used to spend time with her baking and are down right adored for their desserts.

I think Audrey’s story is so inspiring. She lost her job because of the Covid Pandemic and she took the time to start her dream business. She’d always wanted to, but this was her sign. I think there are plently of people just like her, that rose from the ashes this global pandemic brought.

We used the * theme to build this Shopify website, and we added some custom code to add the message when the customers check out. She was struggling to make her own site, so it was good timing when she found us!

Visit Sugar Spice Nice here! I’m so excited to see how this up-levels her brand and her client’s experience. I honestly think this new Shopify website will help her close more sales and complete more orders!

Custom Website Design by Hirschi Creative

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