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I want to start this post off by saying: My Blogstomp review is simple, it’s worth every penny. BUT you should keep reading to see how I use Blogstomp in my business every day!

Why I think every business owner needs blogstomp

Ok, if you’re one of my clients, you’ve probably heard me talk about Blogstomp! This is my honest blogstomp review, I’m not getting paid nor did I get the program for free! I’ve been using this for years!! I think this is essential for any business that is online. I work with people every single day who are branding themselves and their businesses. It helps you with SEO, renames all your images, it also resizes all your pictures, and you can create layouts with photos! It also does it super fast!

Is it worth the cost?

I can tell you that I honestly don’t even remember how much I spent on the software, because it was a few years ago. But I know how much I would pay in hindsight. For argument’s sake, I looked it up. I don’t make albums for clients, and so I don’t personally need the other programs, although I’m sure they’re awesome too. But for Blogstomp, it’s $49. That’s it. For less than $50 I’ve not only saved myself literally countless hours, but I’ve made my website have better SEO, and used the right sized images which makes my website look more professional.

Between renaming my files and resizing my images it would take forever, especially when batch working. I hate resizing one image, let alone the hundreds that I do each and every day for myself and my clients.

And I don’t just use it for myself. As I said, I use this software each day for my clients. I use it when I’m uploading photos onto a blog post for them, changing photos on their websites, and creating pins for Pinterest!

It doesn’t bog down my computer (looking at you Photoshop), I can batch them and have each image “stomped” as they call it within seconds! I can add a watermark (logo), create layouts, and have the photos be the correct width.

Sometimes even just saving a file when I resize it with another program can take minutes if I have too much going on. It’s frustrating, to say the least. And don’t even get me started on programs freezing or stopping. Blogstomp would never do that to me. It loves me too much.

Here is how I set up all of my images I need to stomp:

Open Blogstomp and Import the photos

You can see that you can “freestyle” them or “batch” them. I do a healthy mix of both! I’m showing an example of freestyle here since that’s what I needed to do. But if you have a lot of images, batching is awesome and super fast!

Blogstomp Review

Choose which setting to use, or create a new one!

Each of my clients has their own setting so I don’t have to choose the settings each time and I can switch between them very easily.

Blogstomp Review

Choose how wide you want the image to be, and add a logo if you’d like

For blogging, you probably want your images around 1000 px wide. Check with your website specifically! You can decide what you like best! Also, isn’t Kim from Talk Wordy to Me just so cute?? See her full branding here.

Create SEO output

Click on the “output” button, and choose “append cusotm text to original filename” then add your title. Put your most important words first, and use an underscore between each word! You can see when I was a wedding photographer, I used to use the “custom filename” but I haven’t used that setting in a while, (obviously!) ha!

Put pictures you want together, then stomp

One of my favorite things about Blogstomp is that you can simply and easily put more than one photo together and it will save it. You can reorder the images, even add text! I choose to stomp my branding images vertically like shown below. But a lot of photographers will put two vertical images next to each other, then they’re the same width as one horizontal image.

And if this wasn’t enough, here’s a video!

Thank you!

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