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Another thing that was interesting about Meg’s website, was that we wanted to keep the wording to a minimum besides on the blog. We know, we know. “Content is king.” But a personalized website that matches your client’s personality is also just as important to us. Megan is a writer, her Instagram is filled with beautiful pictures and beautiful words. It simply would not work for her to be constantly updating her website with a lot of words. Her website pages weren’t necessarily the right spot for that. But her blog will be the perfect place for that to continue connecting with her readers and clients in a way she is comfortable!

Commercial Photographer Website | Meg Osburn photo

We are so excited to show off this long-awaited website for Meg Osburn Photo! A Commercial Photographer Website is so important so that you can show brands whom you want to work with, what you’re all about and what they’re signing up with working with you.

We’d previously worked with Megan on her logo and branding so when she reached out to design her commercial photographer website, we knew we’d be a great fit for her! She’s never had a website before, it was a blast designing her new completely custom website. Meg’s website is clean, to the point, and fun! Most importantly, it showcases her amazing photography work!

Megan wanted her website to put her work at the forefront and also wanted some fun color elements but not be so loud and in your face with bright color. We kept a lot of white space on her website still and went with more of a grid pattern to keep it cohesive and clean. We’re so happy with how it turned out and how it showcases her incredible work!

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