Do you still need a website in the social media age

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What Social media is good for with business


People can get a really quick and easy idea of what you’re all about IF you’ve set up your social media right. If you post once every couple of months, they obviously won’t get a good idea of your work because there simply won’t be enough of it. You can showcase a lot of your work in one spot, and most everyone is on social media as well.


Without social media, it can be hard to make a personal connection with your ideal clients. Especially if they’re not reaching out. But with social media, you can follow and like and comment and serve your ideal clients, even if you haven’t received a penny from them.

Finding clients

Social media is awesome for finding clients. Those that you connect with may end up hiring you one day or referring you to someone. But simply interacting with your potential clients also aligns you with attracting the right people to your business.

Follow specific hashtags, and GIVE way more than you get. Set a timer and spend some time each day connecting with the type of people you want to work with.

What social media is bad for with business

Not as professional

Social media is not as professional as a website. A website is what makes a business more legitimate. Anyone can start a social media account, but when you’re ready to be taken more seriously, others are looking for a website of yours.

Things get lost

I’m the type of person that if someone comments on a post or sends me a DM, I almost immediately forget to reach out to them to have them hire me. (Sorry if I’ve done this to you, I’m the literal worst). SOOOO what I do is take a screen shot if anyone ever wants a quote or has a question and send it immediately to my assistant to reach out to them. I just feel like with social media, things can get lost and fall through the cracks a lot easier.

You don’t own the platform

You 👏Don’t 👏 Own 👏 Your 👏Followers

Let me say it again for the people in the back! You do not own your followers! Your social media account is susceptible to being hacked, being shut down, or losing popularity.

Your website is a platform you own, you can backup, and can always have!

Lose attention

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. Are they just SCROLLING past your content and offerings?? You can and will lose people’s attention quick on your social media.

Why you still need a website

One platform to hold all your information

One place where they can see your work, contact you, get to know and fall in love with you.

You own the information

Did you know, that a website can embed your photo in their posts, and NOT pay you for it? Yeah, just check out this lawsuit. But on your website, you own the images and copyright.


You can target people who have already been to your website with ads. By the time that people are already to your website, they’re at least a bit interested in what you have to offer.

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