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The thing with Prophoto Customization is this, it’s a learning curve. Most people can get the hang of it. It can take A LOT of time though. You’re designing using the ProPhoto theme, (use my discount here) but it can still be a lot to take on.

That’s where your good friend Amy Hirschi comes in, folks. Prophoto website design can be done by yourself. That’s one of the huge and many reasons I love designing with them. However, when you’re a busy photographer, sometimes the backend can become quite the mess and jumble of links, pages, layouts, and designs. So when Emily Hardy knew her time could be spent better on other parts of her business, I was able to step in and simplify the project from her, from the inside out!

I’ve been in a mastermind with so many amazing women. Like so many, I can’t believe I am even on their level. But then again, I’ve been working my butt off for a while now, too, haha! So I guess it’s more of a shock than disbelief. One of these incredible women is Emily Hardy.

Emily is the premier wedding and senior photographer in Lincoln, Nebraska. I feel so honored to help her with her website! She bought the ProPhoto theme but needed some help simplifying the backend as well as polishing it up. She wasn’t using the theme to the best of its abilities, so I was bound and determined to make her life SO MUCH easier going forward with her website. Everything was going to be automatically updated and everything was going to show up when and where it was supposed to.

Services Provided:

Prophoto Customization

Prophoto Customization

Have a ProPhoto theme, but need help with ProPhoto Customization? I’m totally your girl! It’s one of my favorite things to do. And watch closely for some BIG announcements regarding this in the near future!! And make sure to read the article ProPhoto did on me as a featured designer!

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