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Home Staging Website for Stage Light Design

We love how this home staging website turned out for our sweet client, MaryKay from Stage Light Design!

Scope of work: Branding, Website Design, Copywriting

Goals: Create a brand and website that showcases her professionalism, and portfolio. The website needed to give the information her clients needed all in one place.

home staging website

Branding Visuals


home staging moodboard

Color Palette

Colorful Creativity:
We chose a color palette that blended neutral and natural colors to play into the sophistication her clients incur while working with her.

The shades of green symbolize freshness and growth. People also associate green with success, think of a success message on a website that lights up green when done!

Shades of pink calm the mind, making decisions about websites and branding can be stressful to individuals, so using this color off the bat will help ease that pain. As her ideal clients are women, pink is the color most commonly attached to femininity.

Tan was the perfect compliment to the other colors in the kit, this tan color brings a timeless comfort to your branding while, again, giving a nod to nature. White is often used in branding, but having a light, color to use instead of white adds elevation.

We knew MaryKay and Stage Light design brand is very optimistic and energetic, so orange was the perfect color to showcase this!

home staging color palette


Different logos can be used in certain places, this first main logo is used on her website on the main header, where the circle logos could be used in social media and marketing materials easier when that mark is called for. The alternate logos are great for other places like business cards or her website footer when a smaller or taller design is necessary.

home staging logo

Fonts and Typography

home staging brand design

Branding in Use Examples

These would be used for examples for something like magazine ads, welcome packets, or other marketing materials.

home staging branding

home staging website design

home staging design

Website Pages

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