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There are seven basic pages to a website and each one needs certain items to make it a good website page. As a website designer, here are the things I like to see on each page!

1. Home Page

Your home page should be a preview of your other pages and give a little peek into your biz. Make it really clear what YOU do, and really clear what you want THEM to do! Also, be simple in explaining yourself, and clear on your call to action! Then you can provide more info on the following pages.

2. About Page

Your about page should include the following four things:

  1. Tell how you specifically help your client
  2. What makes you unique
  3. Why you can ask for money
  4. Personal information (there needs to be way less of this than you think)

3. Services and/or Products Page

On this page, clearly identify what services you offer and what your niche (who you help) is! Or have a nice clean shop page showcasing your products that can be easily sorted through. Finally, remember the key is to be clear and concise!

4. Information Page

For your information page, here are are some great questions you can ask yourself to help you get started!  

  • What is it like to work with your company?
  • What are your most commonly asked questions
  • How do you take your customer from A to B?

So, go ahead and answer these and give your potential clients the info they want!

5. Contact Page

This page can be pretty important for your business so get ALL the information you need right here! Don’t make your potential customers or clients take more steps than necessary! If you don’t want to take a call, don’t give your number out! Additionally, make them email you, and if it takes more than one business day to respond, set the expectation right here.

6. Blog Page

Your blog can attract a lot of new visitors to your website so the way it looks is important. Clean up your categories! Only create a category if you blog about it more than a few times. And make them easy to sort through so your readers can find what they’re looking for. Finally, include a search button and turn on comments too! 

7. Reviews Page

Your Reviews Page is a great place to let your past clients do some of the heavy lifting for you. Underline, bold, or increase the size of what you really want people to understand from working with you. What did they reallllly love? Make that very noticeable! People are skimmers.

So, take the time to go through your pages and make sure that they’re filled out in order to attract your dream clients! If you want to learn more about websites, follow me on Instagram! I love sharing tips and tricks to make great websites. Contact me to help you with your website today!

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